Ways to Contribute

There are many ways for you to be involved with the Be Good Community. No matter which way you choose to participate, you always make a difference. 



Ride to make a difference. From riding portions of the Ho Chi Minh Trail to local routes in Rebecca’s backyard for Rebecca's Private Idaho, you too can pedal toward change.


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Your generous cash donations help the Be Good Foundation get people of all ages and backgrounds on bikes, help improve the health of our planet, and remove unexploded mines and bombs to save lives and limbs. All donations are tax deductible and make an actual impact. Donate now! Please consider whether your employer may offer a match program or regular payroll deductions, and select us as a beneficiary if you shop on Amazon, Krogers/Fred Meyers, or any other retailer that offers a program to allocate a portion of your purchases to nonprofits. Lastly, please contact us if you would like to discuss options for contributing from a retirement plan or to make a gift in your will of trust. Our tax ID number is 84-1471464, and we process all gifts promptly.



Reach out to one of our beneficiary programs to volunteer your time -- truly one of the most valuable contributions you can make. We also have a call for volunteers annually for Rebecca’s Private Idaho; check the RPI website in the summer for volunteer opportunities. 



We carefully cultivate merchandise that is kind to the planet, and we work with brands with a similar moral compass to ours. Visit our store and shop with the confidence that all proceeds benefit the Be Good Foundation. 


Host a Blood Road Screening

The Be Good Foundation origin story. This Emmy-award-winning documentary follows Rebecca’s historic ride on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Through this journey, Rebecca found her purpose and her why through the words of her father, Be Good. This life-altering film can also help you find your purpose. 


Book Rebecca as a Speaker

Rebecca would love to share what she's learned with you, your organization, your non-profit, or any group looking to get inspired. A life spent adventuring, exploring, and risking has helped Rebecca truly find herself. 


Gift Planning

  • Sustainers / Donations

  • Donor-Advised Funds

  • Wills or Trusts

  • Cryptocurrency


Please contact us if you would like to discuss options for becoming a sustaining supporter, including options for contributing from a retirement plan/donor advised fund or to make a gift in your will of trust.