Our Approach

We work with organizations and individuals on local, national, and global levels. All our beneficiaries are tied into one or all of our three areas of focus: unexploded ordnance removal, land conservation and environmental work, and using the bicycle as a catalyst for healing and change. 

Our Beneficiaries

Chart of beneficiaries in 2021

The people and organizations we support make this world better every day. Below is a list of those who received support from the Be Good Foundation in 2021. In total, $176,146 was provided to twenty-six separate entities working on a wide range of issues, from increasing the availability of bicycles in Africa to advocating for the protection and restoration of public lands globally, and much more. Support to United States-based organizations is further broken down to identify beneficiaries within the state of Idaho, where we are based, and to distinguish between support for efforts focused on growing bicycle ridership, increasing the diversity of outdoor enthusiasts, and advocating for the protection and stewardship of public lands.

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International Efforts (25% of total support)

  • World Bicycle Relief: $15,000 in grants used to purchase and distribute bikes across Africa and Colombia with the goals of transitioning female students back to school and ensuring that women will be able to provide their families with economic and food security.

  • Mines Advisory Group: $16,045 grant to assist a new emergency response team in the province of Khammouane responding to reports of explosives found in the community. Since beginning this life-saving work in 2021, the team has found close to 150 explosive items each month, for a total of 600 items found and destroyed in 2020. This work has kept more than 2,800 people safe from the legacy of explosives in Laos.

  • Protect Our Winters: $12,300 to support efforts underway in Canada, France, Austria, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan to oppose major energy extraction development, reduce methane emissions, support the expansion of the renewable energy industry, and advance electric vehicle and public transportation opportunities.

Protect Our Winters.jpg


Domestic Efforts (46% of total support)

  • ​Conservation Alliance (Public Lands): $12,300 to supplement grants to be awarded to organizations supported by the Conservation Alliance to assist with strategic advocacy efforts aimed at bringing the business voice to bear on conservation.

  • Outdoor Alliance (Public Lands): $20,000 to help the Outdoor Alliance's staff develop and pursue innovative and equitable public land policy that ensures that all Americans have meaningful access to enjoyable, quality outdoor experiences. Contribution was used as a matching challenge during the Outdoor Alliance's end-of-year campaign.

  • Public Lands Solutions (Public Lands): $12,300 to allow Public Land Solutions to work directly with communities in transition as they rebuild their economies from unsustainable revenue sources including oil, gas, coal, and mining to quality of life via outdoor access and recreation.

  • National Interscholastic Cycling Association (Ridership): $15,000 to assist with a range of activities, including trail stewardship and advocacy, adventure skills development, and efforts aimed at increasing the diversity of participants.

  • People for Bikes (Ridership): $15,000 to support efforts to create a safer, better biking experience for every type of rider and cycling infrastructure for transportation, funding construction of bike lanes, trails, and dedicated spaces such as bike parks.

  • U.S. Military Endurance Sports (Ridership): $500 to aid in bringing a small number of members to Sun Valley to participate in Rebecca’s Private Idaho.

  • Filmed by Bike (Black, Indigenous and People of Color Filmmaker Grant [BIPOC]): $1,000 to support black, indigenous, and all people of color in telling their bicycle stories.

  • MTB Equity Coaches Coalition (BIPOC): $207 to assist with training for eighty coaches from across USA, Canada, and Mexico in diversity, equity, and inclusion matters, and $4,720 spread across nine mountain bike skills coaches to assist with their outreach and training of BIPOC cyclists and coaches. Coaching programs across North America that received support included Access 4Bikes, Ladies AllRide mountain bike skills camps, National Center For Youth Development, Betties360 (Elaine Bothe), Colour the Trails, Native Ride, Indigenous Life Sports Academy, Culture Seed and PRIDE.

Idaho Scholatic League.jpg


Local Efforts (29% of total support)

  • ​Idaho Interscholastic Cycling Association (Ridership): $15,000 to support a new Student Leadership Council Program, which will involve a student athlete from each team becoming a representative for their peers and a voice to the League when it comes to strategic planning, rule changes, etc. In addition, these student representatives will be invited to an annual summit for leadership training opportunities, workshops, and riding.

  • Wood River Land Trust (Public Lands): $12,300 to increase access to wild spaces for all members of the Wood River Valley community, as well as restoring the places that make this valley special. Specific projects to be undertaken include design and installation of signs, wayfinding points, maps, parking areas with trash/dog waste stations along the Hailey Greenway, installation of an ADA accessible boardwalk and wildlife viewing area at the Simons/Bauer Preserve, installing beaver dam structures on Croy Canyon, and completion of restoration efforts on the Big Wood River in the Howard Preserve.

  • Wood River Trails Coalition (Public Lands): $21,000 to deploy a 90% female Ketchum Ranger District Trails Crew and the production of a “The Day in the Life of a Trail Crew Member” video. This video will be instrumental in the Coalition's desire to push public education regarding the work and efforts undertaken to allow visitors to lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service to enjoy and play in the spaces in our back yard.

  • Assorted Wood River Schools and Youth Programs (Ridership): $2,475 spread among Hemingway Elementary School, The Community School, and the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation to support their collective efforts.