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Wait.. the what???

Years ago, Aerah Hardin, Executive Director of the Be Good Foundation, was inspired by her competitive nieces and nephews and their love of Cheese Balls to create the Cheese Ball Olympic Games. This annual event included her 4 nieces and nephews, sometimes additional cousins, and anyone brave enough to join.

After moving to Idaho in 2020, Aerah realized that the Cheese Ball Olympics had filled a significant purpose in her life. With a little introspection and a lot of therapy, she decided to resurrect the event in Idaho, transforming it into the Potato Olympics. What better place to share her love for silly, ultra-competitive games than at Rebecca's Private Idaho, with hundreds of competitors from across the US?

The Potato Olympics will be held on Saturday at the RPI expo throughout the day. These will be fun, 2-person team games in a single-elimination March Madness style tournament. The final team will be crowned the official gold medal RPI Potato Olympic champions.


Costumes are encouraged, and a competitive spirit is essential. The games are open to all ages, but no age handicaps are given. Participants need skill, agility, a close partner, and a willingness to look and feel silly!

The games are free and open to anyone who wants to sign up. 


Saturday, September 1st, after the Be Good Shakeout Ride

Atkinson Park

Starting game at 10am.

Olympic Finals will occur at 4:45 just before the rider meeting!

You will be contacted with your assigned game time.

  • Can I wear a costume?
    This is highly recommended and could possibly earn you extra credit in some form!
  • Where are the games held?
    At Atkinson Park at the soccer fields
  • Do I need to bring anything with me to play?
    You must bring a competitive spirit, an insanely fun attitude, a willingness to be ridiculous, and maybe a shirt to change into after.
  • Does it cost money to participate in the Potato Olympics?
    Potato Olympics is free to sign up, There is an option to donate to Be Good to help cover the cost of materials and the price of FUN, but is not required.
  • Will I get dirty or messy?
    There’s a solid chance you will
  • Are there prizes?
    Very special prizes will be awarded to the final winners!
  • What in the world are the Potato Olympics?
    Potato Olympics are silly, 2 person, family-friendly games. Two teams will face each other in a single elimination tournament-style bracket. Games will increase in difficulty as the tournament continues. Games are 1 - 2 minutes long and total game time is estimated at 5–7 minutes.
  • Do I need to have a partner to sign up?
    Yes, these are two-person teams. You must have two people to sign up. It is highly encouraged you have someone you are ok with being uncomfortably close to at times!

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