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At the Be Good Foundation, we believe in the freedom and transformative power of the bicycle. It's more than just a mode of transportation; it's a catalyst for healing, empowerment, and evolution—an instrument of personal discovery, advocacy, and positive change.

Join us in mobilizing ALL individuals and communities through the power of the bike. Together we can expand Be Good's work in 2024 to create a more equitable and inclusive world of cycling. Let's enrich individuals and communities by using the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment, and evolution.

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Two Words, One Mission

Be Good™ began with a father’s words and a daughter’s mission. Inspired by her transformative experience and life changing connection riding her bicycling to her father’s crash site in Laos, Rebecca Rusch created the Be Good Foundation to help remove what the war left behind. 250 million bombs were dropped during the Secret War in Laos; 80 million failed to detonate. Be Good began its work by supporting the removal of UXO (unexploded ordnance) in Laos; transforming lives through safe means of travel (by foot and bike) for children and villagers throughout Laos.


We expanded our transformative mission to create equitable and accessible to cycling for all. In a world where barriers often overshadow opportunities, we see the bicycle as a symbol of freedom. Our vision is clear: to make cycling experiences accessible to every individual, regardless of their background or financial situation.

Breaking Down Barriers -- Your Support in Action!

**Scholarship Opportunities:**

Your contributions directly funds our scholarship initiatives, breaking down financial barriers and providing life-enriching cycling experiences to individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity.


 **Community Empowerment:**  

Through our grant program, similar to a bicycle hub & spokes, we facilitate connections further mobilizing individuals, groups, and communities to connect with the physical, mental, and social benefits of cycling.


**Evolution of Lives:**

With your support, we are transforming lives, creating opportunities for personal growth and promoting  healthier living through the mantra that movement = medicine. The impact of cycling extends far beyond the pedals.


Every Gift Counts

$5 can clear 12 sq m of land in Laos, safely removing UXO creating safe paths of travel & cycling for villagers and children throughout Laos.​

$250 to $500 can provide a scholarship for gear, fees, and more, making daily cycling experiences more accessible for underrepresented individuals.

$500 can fund one UXO demining team member for a month in Laos, expanding team capacity and UXO removal capabilities.

$1500 can fully fund an RPI Scholarship, covering travel, lodging, gear support, training programs, and more; removing financial barriers while expanding inclusion and diversity in cycling on a world-class stage.

$1000 to $2000 can provide a fully funded Be Good Scholarship, enabling individuals to achieve their cycling dreams and achieve high-level personal discovery.

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