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Join Megan LaBeth on an inspiring journey from NYC to Rebecca's Private Idaho (RPI), as she embarks on a transformative bikepacking adventure across the United States. This ride, starting on June 11th from Coney Island and culminating at RPI weekend, isn't just a test of endurance—it's a heartfelt mission to amplify the impact of the Be Good Foundation.

Megan, a 2023 Be Good Foundation bikepacking scholarship recipient, rides with a deep-seated passion to raise awareness for the Foundation's vital programs, including scholarships and grants that empower and uplift underrepresented cyclists. This initiative is about more than fundraising; it's about forging connections, sharing inspiring stories, and making cycling more inclusive and accessible.

The Journey

This route from the vibrant shores of the Atlantic to the rugged landscapes of Idaho is meticulously planned to engage communities and cyclists along the way. From casual riders to seasoned bike-packers, Megan invites everyone to join in part of her journey, embodying the spirit of inclusivity that the Be Good Foundation champions.

For Megan, cycling is more than a sport—it's a sanctuary. It has carried her through life’s ups and downs, from personal tragedies involving loved ones to the everyday struggles of finding one's path. Her mantra, "One Rotation at a Time," is a reminder of the power of persistence, the importance of mental health, and the healing nature of cycling.


"It all began with a playful call with Aerah and Cierra, where we joked about me being a “dirtbag adventurer” set on bike-packing from Coney Island to Ketchum, ID. They might have thought I was joking, but I was all in, fueled by a passion for fundraising—a drive that goes back to my days organizing charity rides in my early twenties.

That conversation only boosted my enthusiasm for supporting the Be Good Foundation, committing to a 4000+ mile ride across the US, starting on what would have been my sister’s 46th birthday, June 11th. This journey isn’t just about fundraising; it’s about connecting with communities and fellow cyclists, especially women and BIPOC who share my curiosity for bike-packing.

Travel wasn’t always possible as a young mom, but since turning 40, I’ve embraced adventure, often solo, finding freedom and healing on two wheels. My mantra, “One Rotation at a Time,” guides me through each challenge and climb, reminding me of the strength gained from every pedal stroke.

This ride is deeply personal, dedicated to my sister Johanna and my late partner, Johnny, were both lost to suicide. As I pass through Breckenridge on the anniversary of her death, I’ll honor her memory in the mountains she loved. Through cycling, I've found a way to process grief and connect with others who share similar paths, reinforcing that we're not alone in our journey."

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