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Jeremy & Jaime's Be Good Bikepacking Fundraiser 
March 7th - 9th, 2024 


In the spirit of Be Good Foundation, meet Jeremy and Jaime, two adventurous souls bound by our Be Good Scholarship program. RPI BaseCamp teammates turned kindred spirits, they're gearing up for a mission close to their hearts.


Jeremy, a paraplegic with an indomitable spirit, set a daring goal: his inaugural bikepacking journey as a paracyclist on a human-powered upright bike. Enter Jaime, not just a teammate but a newfound friend, volunteering to join him on this audacious adventure.


Together, they're hitting the trails of Gold Butte taking in the scenic vistas and more importantly, fundraising to impact the lives of more para cyclists allowing them to experience the magic of Rebecca’s Private Idaho in 2024 through our scholarship program.


As a paraplegic, I've learned the value of accepting help graciously. It goes beyond simple gestures like holding a door or assisting with my wheelchair. It is the kind of support that enables the disabled community to pursue activities comfortably—a gift that Be Good Foundation and Rebecca’s Private Idaho provided to me last year.

Introduced to Rebecca Rusch and the BGF through a friend, their love and support fueled my happiness throughout my 2023 journey to RPI. Now, alongside another Be Good Ambassador, I'm gearing up for a fundraising bikepacking adventure on the Backcountry Byway of the Gold Butte National Monument.

My audacious goal? To be the first paraplegic on an upright, acoustic bike, fully loaded for self-sufficiency over several days. This ride is for you! Your support is invaluable—consider a donation to cover costs and provide scholarships for other disabled athletes. Let's foster inclusion and rediscover joy together.

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Jeremy Why

Jeremy and I, virtual teammates since RPI BaseCamp last summer, received Be Good Foundation bikepacking scholarships this past year. I lead an upcoming local women's bikepacking trip, and Jeremy, a para cyclist, aims for his first bikepacking adventure on an upright bike.

After learning he might ride alone, I swiftly offered to join, ensuring camaraderie and exploration on the Gold Butte route.

Our goal? Raise funds for para cyclist scholarships at RPI 2024. Our journey, set for March 7th to 9th, holds deep personal meaning. March 9th marks the day I believe my dad passed in 2011, a poignant moment on the calendar. Riding with his photo, I discovered the added significance that March 7th, our starting day, is when Rebecca's father was killed in Vietnam. This ride becomes a heartfelt tribute to our dads, supporting Jeremy's first bikepacking trip, and fundraising for para cyclists amid the beauty of Gold Butte.

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Jaime Why
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