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Ask your representative to join the UXO/Demining Caucus

Rebecca Rusch developed the Be Good™ Foundation after a life-changing adventure ride over the entirety of the Ho Chi Minh trail in 2015. The first person to ever do so, Rebecca learned much more riding this trail than she bargained for. Along with finding the crash site of her father's war plane, she discovered the many unexploded ordnances (UXO) from the Vietnam War era that still litter the land along the trail in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam,posing a deadly threat to all who call this area of the world home.

The Mines Advisory Group (MAG), a Be Good beneficiary from the very beginning, is an international organization removing unexploded weaponry and assisting those impacted by mines. To this day, Be Good continues to partner with MAG to save limbs and lives.

Now you have an opportunity to help with a simple click of the link below and a few strokes of the keyboard—no financial donation required! Join us in partnership with the Halo Trust by asking your representative to join the Congressional UXO/Demining Caucus. Now recruiting new members, this bipartisan caucus is a group of 40+ lawmakers supporting life-saving landmine removal and weapons security programs around the world. From Yemen to Colombia, from Laos to Angola, demining programs are saving lives, promoting development, and allowing families to return home and rebuild their lives after conflict. Help recruit your member onto the UXO/Demining Caucus to ensure that families around the world no longer have to fear stepping on a landmine.

Thank you for your action!

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